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PC Repair Southend is working during the pandemic ~ Average turnaround time 24 - 48 hours

Welcome to PC Repair Southend, specialists in resolving computer problems for home users and local businesses. Based in Leigh-on-Sea, UK, we have solved PC repair problems in a variety of areas in South Essex. Just give us a call or email and see if we can help you!
  • Expert knowledge
    available to fix all your computer problems, whether it be PC or Laptop
  • Hardware and software
    knowledge from years of industry experience
  • No fix, No fee
    We pride ourselves on being honest and trustworthy.
  • Small business, IT helpdesk service and remote assistance
    Eliminate downtime with rapid response and ongoing maintence, ensuring your systems are always running.
  • Contact us
    to find out more.

If you are simply after a bit of friendly advice, give us a call and we'll do our best to help you out. High street retailers can often make things very confusing with clever jargon so if there's anything that you're not sure of just let me know.

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